Over the last few months Sarah, Gracie and I have experimented with Japanese clay for Gracie's Playmobil toy collection, and Mama, Papa and Mary have been the admires of our somewhat clumsy efforts. Practice makes perfect that's for sure. Anyhow, I thought to put some photos of our craft! :)
P.S. some of the items are set in Playmobil items (e.g. pots, pans and large plastic plates) which we haven't done, but all the food and cutlery and stuff are Japanese Clay! Below also are some photos of Gracie's Playmobil dollhouse.

Here is the newest edition to our clay items!

This is our master-piece.... Sarah's apple pie!
Sarah did the sandwiches, the fish and the biscuits...
That funny little round bowl is a lentil soup by Joy
The cream muffins are also by Joy.

Close view of the pie

Another point of view

Yummy... Apple pie!!!!!!

Sarah's Biscuits

Sarah's Sandwiches

The Fish!!!

The Robinson's family has grown!!!!

Another picture...

Carob cake and jam tart by Sarah, meat pie and sweat muffins by Joy

a fuzzy picture of Joy and Gracie's
yellow cheese with actual holes (the mice didn't eat the cheese),
Joy's salad/fruit/meat and Sarah's eggs and bread muffin

A closer look at some of the foods and items
(the fried eggs done mostly by Joy, whole eggs by Sarah and Grace,
and the silver cutlery and cups by Sarah)

The loaves were quite easy to make but we took sometime
finding the perfect colour tint for the bread

I just love those cakes.... 'hmmmm'

Gracie did most of those dirt potatoes for the farm house.
We used pastel colours to paint them brownish and muddy! P.S. the pan and lid are Playmobil :)

One of Sarah's great chocolate cakes, LOL!

Sarah used a kind of glue to give it a jelly look

I meant this to be a meat pie but Mum said it was more like an ice-cream Bombay!!!!

Gracie's really special fruit basket.
The delicate red grapes and black-spotted bananas were one of my better inventions...

Fragrant morning toast by Sarah
and the white plate and silver knife are done by her too.
The vase and pink rose by Joy

Real Swiss cheese done by Joy and Grace. The salad bowl is somewhat funny by Joy.

Sarah's cutlery and cups

meat slices done by Joy
They are rather fatty!!!!

Gracie's Playmobil dollhouse

Gracie's favourite family: The Robinson family
standing in front of their medieval farmhouse...
Mr. Fredrick, Mrs. Jenny, Laura, Edmund and baby Julie Grace (but she is in her crib upstairs)

back-views of the country kitchen

the family living room...."Ah, it looks so warm and cosy!"

the backyard

a different view of the farm and shed

the front door

The kitchen

The Robinson family eating a Christmas feast...
made up out of Japanese Clay!

To Be Continued Later... :)

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